The Outpost Lodge : Pierre, South Dakota


The Outpost Lodge Hunting

The Hunting Experience

In the fall we team up to provide the best quality hunting in Central South Dakota. Our team effort allows us to hunt both small and large groups on a daily basis and give you a hunting experience of a lifetime. We offer combination hunts for geese, ducks, pheasants and grouse for a complete bird hunting experience. For those that want only waterfowl or only pheasant and grouse, we can be just as accommodating.

The Outpost Lodge Hunting

Quality Hunting

We take great pride in our pheasant hunting, offering only wild birds. We have many different ranches we are able to hunt in order to insure quality hunts no matter when you decide to come. We see hundreds of pheasants daily and people constantly are in disbelief of the number and quality of our birds.

Our goose hunts are all done on private land. We offer bluff hunting where we pass shoot geese or field hunting where we set up decoys and use flags and calls to entice them to come in. Pierre, S.D., is in the heart of the Central flyway and has some of the greatest Canada goose hunting in the United States. Here again we use many different places and techniques in order to provide you with a waterfowl hunt of a lifetime.

The Outpost Lodge Hunting

Check out the Season

We would like to encourage combinations hunts for several different reasons. Our legal shooting hours for pheasants doesn't start until noon during early season and 10 a.m. late season. Therefore, we hunt geese early and pheasants later in the day. It's a complete hunting experience that we feel will bring you back year after year. Pheasant season opens the third weekend in October. For combo hunters, our goose season is on also. Important: Waterfowl hunts must submit their application early or have me do it for you. Last year we ran out of out-of-state waterfowl permits before our season started. If you plan on waterfowl hunting let me know as soon as possible.

The Outpost Lodge